Mission Statement:

BiodieselRepresenting America’s first Advanced Biofuel, the National Biodiesel Board will advance the interests of its members by creating sustainable biodiesel industry growth. NBB serves as the US biodiesel industry’s central coordinating entity and will be the single voice for its diverse membership base. Industry success will be achieved through governmental affairs, communications, market development, technical, and quality assurance programs. We are dedicated to inclusiveness and integrity.

Vision 2022:

Biodiesel is recognized as our nation’s Advanced Biofuel, creating a more stable, diversified domestic energy supply. With advancements in feedstocks, biodiesel will comprise 10% of diesel fuel demand by 2022.


(Note: The goal of 10x22 envisions volumes roughly equivalent to 10% of the on-road diesel fuel market as a benchmark but achieved through various blends in all distillate market categories.)
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